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Sustainability on Land and at Sea

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Respect for the oceans, for the life they contain, and the health they promise is at the heart of all we do. That extends to a commitment to be good stewards of the earth and a passion to provide each generation with what they need to grow healthy and strong.

Regulated Fishing

To prevent overfishing, 100% of our fish is sourced in compliance with the Norwegian fisheries management system, which has been a model of sustainability for over 30 years.

Bycatch Prevention

Only responsible fishing gear is used—including purse seine nets, sorting grids, and large meshes—to protect against bycatch of unintended species.

Habitat Protection

Line and net fishing methods are used to prevent the seafloor and ecosystem damage caused by fishing practices such as bottom trawling and dredging.

Marine Pollution Prevention

Up to 80% of marine pollution is caused by land-based sources such as runoff, sewage, and waste. Our coastal processing facilities are leaders in minimizing pollution and conserving resources.

Nordic Naturals is LEED Gold Certified

Nordic Naturals has become the first NSF-certified supplier and marketer of dietary supplements in the U.S. to build a new LEED Gold-certified facility. Built to accommodate five to ten years' anticipated growth, and styled after a traditional Norwegian fishing village, Nordic Naturals' new headquarters demonstrates innovation in energy and environmental design in accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED rating system. Along the way, the building picked up credits across five performance indices including: Site Sustainability, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Materials and Resources. Each step of the way we partnered with green builders and designers to incorporate products that conserve resources and improve human and environmental health.

All in all, these and other improvements add up to major gains in areas of human and environmental health deemed essential to LEED-certified projects. We are very excited to share the news about our Watsonville, CA headquarters and its special place in our commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet.

For more information about these certifications, visit: usgbc.org and montereybaygreenbusiness.org.

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At Nordic Naturals, we bring sustainability to everything we do. Since our founding, we have cared about the impact our activities have on the health of our oceans and on people around the world.

—Joar Opheim, Founder and CEO


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