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The Nordic Naturals Advantage

  • Proven Purity

    All our oils surpass strict international standards for purity and freshness
  • Exceptional Freshness

    Oxygen-free, proprietary processing for exceptional freshness from boat to bottle
  • Great Taste

    Leading freshness and 100% natural flavouring ensure no fishy smell, taste, or aftertaste
  • Triglyceride Form

    Superior triglyceride form for up to 70% better absorption than ethyl ester omegas1
  • 1. Dyerberg J, et al. Bioavailability of marine n-3 fatty acid formulations.Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2010 Sep;83(3):137–141.
  • Backed by Research

    A research leader in demonstrated product efficacy
  • Responsible Dosing

    An effective, expert-recommended daily dose of at least 500 mg EPA+DHA
  • Sustainable Practices

    100% of our fish is wild caught, sourced in line with the Norwegian fisheries management system, and processed with minimal environmental impact
  • Independent Testing

    Independent labs test our oils for heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs to guarantee purity, freshness, and quality in every batch. Request a certificate of analysis, and compare

Boat to Bottle Manufacturing

The leading quality of our Arctic Cod Liver Oil™ is made possible by our meticulous quality control over every step of production—from boat to bottle. The ability to control the quality of our raw material, transport, manufacturing, and bottling, allows us to deliver Arctic cod liver oil that surpasses the strictest international standards for purity and freshness while also maintaining a competitive price.
Watch the video: True North: The Omega-3 Journey from Boat to Bottle

Raw Material

Nordic Naturals starts with the best raw material available: 100% wild Arctic cod (Skrei) sourced from the Norwegian Sea. We have built relationships with smaller boats and independent fishermen, rather than larger trawling vessels that spend much longer at sea. These relationships allow us to maintain optimal raw material quality as well as sustainable fishing practices. We offer only 100% Arctic cod liver oil. No fish body oils or synthetic vitamins or additives are ever used—only pure Arctic cod, which has the highest DHA, vitamin A, and vitamin D content of any cod species.

Transportation Time

Since our processing facility is located right next to the harbor, transportation time is kept to an absolute minimum. This means that just a few short hours after being caught, the Arctic cod are delivered, whole, into our facility for immediate handling. These efforts greatly reduce oxidation, which begins as soon as fish are filleted. Thanks to the short amount of time from catch to processing, as well as the processing method itself, we have been able to maintain the exceptional freshness of our fish oil.

Manufacturing and Bottling

We use nitrogen to minimise exposure to oxygen at every stage of manufacturing—beginning immediately after catch. The importance of this cannot be overstated: Only by using nitrogen can the fish and oil be protected from the oxidative rancidity that leads to fishy smell and taste, as well as to free radical formation in the body. From boat to bottle, Nordic Naturals delivers exceptionally fresh cod liver oil.

Sustainably Harvested Cod

We value our relationships with independent fishermen who ensure that we get only fresh, healthy and mature Arctic cod, at a fair price. By paying cod fishermen to preserve their fish whole (rather than clean them at sea, and keep only the fillets) we ensure that 100% of the fish gets used for human or animal consumption, a benefit for the fishermen, for Nordic Naturals, our customers, and for the long term sustainability of Norwegian Arctic cod. The result is, quite possibly, the most sustainable fish oil in the world.

True North Documentary

As the evidence behind fish oil continues to grow and drive awareness of the crucial importance of omega-3s to good health, it's more important than ever to understand how purity, freshness, and structure determine the overall quality of fish oil.

I founded Nordic Naturals with the fundamental goal of improving fish oil quality, and today our commitment to innovation remains absolute.

—Joar Opheim, CEO


Education & Research

Education and research are at the heart of Nordic Naturals’ mission to correct the global omega-3 deficiency. As a research-driven company, we rely on the latest nutritional science to help guide product formulations and fish oil processing technology in order to best serve our customers.

Nordic Naturals routinely participates in clinical omega-3 research, with more than 30 studies published in leading professional journals, and more than 30 underway. Without solicitation, research centres around the world such as Duke, Wake Forest, UCLA, and Cedars-Sinai, choose our products for their omega-3 research. Many of these studies are funded by the National Institutes of Health, which require rigorous documentation of purity, potency, and molecular stability of the products used.

These studies, and countless others can be accessed on omega-research.com, a resource library for essential fatty acid (EFA) research, providing published and objective third-party information on omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs. Nordic Naturals developed this site with the goal of educating and informing physicians, researchers, consumers, and the media about the many health benefits of EFAs.

We devote a great deal of time and attention to education. Nordic Naturals Educators travel the world to bring our message of better health through omega-3 nutrition to our retail partners, the public, and to health care professionals. We sponsor events from education at the local level, to large annual professional conferences focused on omega-3 nutrition.


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