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True North: The Omega-3 Journey from Boat to Bottle

A documentary short film

Discover the passion of the #1 fish oil brand in the United States. As part of our commitment to delivering the world's safest, most effective omega oils, we control every step of our production process—from catch, to manufacturing, to bottling, to shipping.

For each and every bottle, we go beyond industry standards to deliver one of the purest, safest omega-3 fish oils on the planet. From our origins in Arctic Norway to our U.S. headquarters in central California, Nordic Naturals' boat-to-bottle control of the fish oil manufacturing process has pioneered a new path to better health.

  • Learn the history of Nordic Naturals and go behind the scenes to see how we source and produce our award-winning fish oil.
  • Understand why vertical integration is the key to our top-quality, sustainable omega-3 products.
  • Discover how our boat-to-bottle management of every step of the fish oil production process has pioneered the path to better health.


As the evidence behind fish oil continues to grow and drive awareness of the crucial importance of omega-3s to good health, it's more important than ever to understand how purity, freshness, and structure determine the overall quality of fish oil.

I founded Nordic Naturals with the fundamental goal of improving fish oil quality, and today our commitment to innovation remains absolute.

—Joar Opheim, CEO