Our Story

The origins and core values of Nordic Naturals.


Health started it all

Our story begins in Arctic Norway, where Nordic Naturals’ founder Joar Opheim grew up. When Joar came to California to complete his MBA, he noticed that the pure omega-rich cod liver oil that Norwegians rely on to stay healthy was nowhere to be found. Low-concentration fish oil with an awful taste was all the market had to offer, but Joar knew he could make a difference. With each trip home, he would fill an extra suitcase with bottles of his favourite fish oil to share with friends in the U.S. This deep desire to share the power of pure, fresh omega-3 nutrients inspired Joar to found Nordic Naturals back in 1995, and still drives the company today.

Our Commitment

To make the world's safest, most effective nutrients essential to health.

Our Goal

Generations of healthy, happy people around the world.

Our Time Frame

As long as it takes.


Revolutionizing Omega-3s since 1995

From Joar’s early experiences with substandard American fish oil and his conviction that better health was attainable, our company philosophy was born.

Do whatever it takes to offer high-quality nutrients that bring health benefits to as many as possible.

Nordic Naturals set out to develop a manufacturing process that would accomplish this aim, beginning with fresh, pure fish oil products with high omega-3 value. These products began to change the way Americans perceived fish oil, and they eventually brought the wide-ranging benefits of omega-3s to a larger audience, including children, older adults, athletes, and even pets.


Harnessing heart and soul to make the world a healthier place

With over 20 years experience making good on the promise of great health, we believe that no challenge is too great. Just as we are guided by the latest research and technology, we also hold fast to our company’s founding heritage. Both keep us focused on serving generations of healthy people across the globe.

Along the way, we have stayed mindful of our impact on people and the planet—they are our inspiration! We carefully manage our business so we can offer our customers the purest essential nutrients, made with manufacturing technologies and business practices that are sustainable well into the future. As a family-owned company with no shareholders to answer to, we are unique in our ability to do it right at any cost.


Nordic Naturals’ reach is far & wide

From sunrise in Norway to nightfall in California, millions of people are now living well thanks to the power of our omega-3s. Nordic Naturals is proud to be the #1 fish oil in the United States and a global leader in the omega-3 marketplace.


Forever innovating

Our obsession with good health leaves little room for rest. As Nordic Naturals became known as the omega-3 standard-bearer, we listened carefully to our customers’ stories of success, and to their unmet needs. In response, we explored new territory with Nordic Berries™, our award-winning children’s gummy multivitamin, and expanded our gummy line with vitamin D3 products and vitamin K products.

We followed the science to other nutrients that pair well with omega-3s to offer synergistic products focused on targeted health needs.

Seeing the opportunity to do it right—and do it better—we began designing unique formulations of nutrients in quantities and combinations that research suggests will give customers the health outcomes they are looking for.

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